Beyond Aesthetics of Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting started back in the 1950s. It was a common flooring type in royal houses back in time due to its classy look. Aside from the additional aesthetic it provides, wall-to-wall carpeting has benefits too.

carpeted room

Good Insulators

During the cold season, you will thank your carpet for keeping your feet from the coldness of bare floors. And during the hot season, it can help the room maintain a cool temperature. One of the reasons what makes wall-to-wall carpeting great for homes is the insulation it provides. Wall-to-wall carpeting can help you to save money on electronics by naturally regulating the temperature, which leads to the lesser frequent use of heating and or air conditioner.

Slip Proof

carpetMany object the idea of installing a carpet when you have children. But they don’t realize that it is safer for children as the carpet will turn the flooring to slip-proof floors. About the staining your children may cause, there are types of carpets that are resilient to spills and stain making them ideal for people with children and pets. When looking for a carpet, ask the personnel for the most durable carpet, and they will have tons of options to present you.

Replacement Is Easier

Another benefit of wall-to-wall carpeting oppose to other flooring types is easy removal. You cannot easily uninstall or replace tiles and hardwood floors. But you can easily replace your wall-to-wall carpeting without making a damage to the bare floor. Even a person with no experience in flooring can do the removal by himself.

Reduce Noise

According to studies, carpets absorb a small number of sounds and noise, which makes it great for rooms. Carpets with thicker padding absorb more noise. They are not just visually pleasing, but they also have a relaxing effect scientifically. This is the reason why offices would normally use carpets as their flooring because more people means more noise, and carpets help in a way.