Recycling Old Carpets

Carpets are made of complicated fibers and chemically composed materials making them hard to recycle. But due to the overwhelming state of our environment, it’s time we think about recycling them to reduce waste. Carpeting usually lasts 20 years, especially if it’s from the durable quality line. When your old carpeting turns ugly which means cleaning it won’t do the trick, here are the possible ways to recycle.

Why Throwing Old Carpet is Not Ideal

carpet washing

Aside from the bulkiness of carpets which makes them hard to dispose of, throwing the old carpet is bad for the environment. You cannot simply dispose of old carpets meaning you have to pay someone to pick it up. It’s an additional cost without rewards.

Call a Recycling Company

There are quite a few recycling companies who would love to take care of the disposal for you. You don’t even have to pay them. They will be happy to do it for you. Recycling companies will use old carpets to make new ones, so they don’t have to get new materials. As your reward for being a responsible citizen, they’ll give you some sort of compensation such as carpeting products from online shops like Lazada and Zalora. The reward may not be extravagant, but you can be proud that you are not partaking in additional trash.

How Recycled Carpets Are Used?

assorted carpetsRecycled carpets can be turned into many products. Carpet fibers can be recycled into new upholstery. Recycling companies can convert these fibers to valuable car interiors for rental cars coupon code & discounts. Other parts of the carpet can be mixed to wood scraps to make composite decks. Some companies make rails ropes out of them which are more durable than the regular ones.

Be Creative, and Use Them for Some DIYs

Before disposing of them, why don’t you save some for your projects like turning them into rugs or scratch posts? You can be creative because carpets are flexible materials. You can turn them into wonderful finish products that will surely be good additions to your home.